Preparing your PC for the repair shop

  1. Store important information to your Cloud/Onedrive: If you are planning to place your PC in the shop and still plan on doing some work while it is being repaired, make sure you place important files into a cloud-based storage account. That way, you can easily access the files on another computer.
  2. Backup: Create an image backup for your hard drive or SSD. That way, if the professionals wipe your hard drive to reinstall the software from scratch, you can restore all of your data.
  3. Protect Sensitive Files: Make sure to protect important files such as bank statements, tax forms, credit card statements. etc. You should encrypt these files or remove them securely.
  4. Make Your PC Accessible: The computer professionals will probably need to boot your PC. Rather than giving them your password, you can disable Windows' log on password. 
  5. Don't assume they know the problem: Even though you might have told them what's wrong with your PC over the phone, that doesn't mean the message was sent to the right people. Write a detailed message description of your problem. Make sure to tape a copy to your computer.